Class Agenda #43- Start of the Week

Group Juggle- 3.2

Read= Choose 1 of the following:

College Football National Championship

Simple Wisdom

Introducing… Jelly


Write at least 1 complete paragraph commenting on your link in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Compose a Tweet in which you weigh in on the topic as well.


Start of The Week News Quiz


1 thought on “Class Agenda #43- Start of the Week

  1. justinlessington

    The topic I picked was the College Football National Championship. I actually got to see this game live and I can truly say it was a great one. The game went down to the last seconds of the fourth quarter and ended in a game winning Touchdown. Being that football is my second favorite sport I enjoyed every second of it. This game was well played by both teams making every ones Monday night an enjoyable one. Just like in every sport there can only be one winner and Florida State came out champions of College Football


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