Class Agenda #41 – The Year in Review

Group Juggle-


Anchor Texts-

Year in Review – Albums of the Year

Year in Review – Songs of the Year

Year in Review – Person of the Year


Class Work I-

Comment on the lists above. Do you think people should be able to summate a single year in a list.

Class Work II-

Begin to create your own Year in Review for a subject of your choice (Music, movies, TV, Athletes, Artists, etc…)


7 thoughts on “Class Agenda #41 – The Year in Review

  1. javier

    People are intitled to do as they please, but some do like to create new year summates. It is possible to make a list of all the stuff you love although it would also be the most difficult. I can barley remember what i ate last week, so remembering all the things i love throughout the whole year will be impossible for me. Then again we are all different and are intitled to our own opinion.

  2. javierelite

    People should do or make whatever list they want, It would be to sum up what is the best of the best in their opinion, but there is always some one better that moves along and makes the list of “top 5, or top 10, but there is always someone that will make the top of the list because things always change”.

  3. Jazmyn Castro

    People should summate a single year in a list unless you have endless memorable memories every single day then good luck because that will be one long list. People should have individual summates though because not everyone agrees on certain subjects.

  4. Yahaira Maldonado

    People should always do what they want and say what they want. Many people like to create their own list, but their are competitions some would make their list better or worst then your’s. You can always change that list into a better one and you might just get on top of others people’s list. Dont give up and keep trying.

  5. Jovana

    I think people should be able to summit one year in a list because a year consists of 12 months; so many brand new artists come out, many different songs and movies feature so it’s likely to have a list of the best movie or artist. Waiting for more than a year, I think would be too long and boring. People look forward to award shows!

  6. justinlessington

    People should be able to summate a single year in a list. It lets people know what was trending through out the year and what people like. This allows people to be updated on who the most famous athlete was, favorite song, artist and song writer was. The summate also give people the top ten of a category over the years.

  7. Angelo Rodriguez

    People should summate a single year in a list if they want to. I don’t think theres any reason not to be able to do it unless it causes someone else harm.


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