Class Agenda #35 – Cyber Monday

Opening Circle-


Class Work-

  • Spend about 15 minutes on BrainPop
  • Log In- Validus
  • Password- Prep
  • Work in the English/Grammer Section
  • E-mail quiz results to

Homework- Complete the following RAFTS writing assignment

  • Role- College Student
  • Audience- Your College Advisor
  • Format- E-mail (but send it to
  • Topic- You signed up for a Macro-Economics class that has been too difficult/boring. You are right against the add/drop period and you run the risk of paying for the course, so you want to make sure the class is really being dropped. You want to make sure that this course is dropped from your schedule. Make sure you include VOCABULARY from your classwork.
  • Strong Verb- convincing

BONUS- Ask me or Ms. Stineman a question using one of the words.


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