Class Agenda #36 – Improving your Twitter Following II

Opening- Group Juggle 3.2

Goal for the week/Assignment- Gain 100+ Twitter followers by Friday


AN Interesting alternative- How to become Internet Famous for 68$

How to Dramatically Increase Your Twitter Following

Social Triggers – Improving your Twitter Following

The Science Behind Getting More Twitter Followers

Class Work- 

  • Read the Article- How to Become internet Famous for $68
  • In the comment section below, how do you feel about this article? React to it’s contents.
  • Continue your quest for 100 more Twitter Followers.

4 thoughts on “Class Agenda #36 – Improving your Twitter Following II

  1. Justin Lessington

    I think this article is a was waste of time to post and read. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would spent 68 dollars to increase their followers. The only way I would think of people paying that type of money is if their really desperate for followers.

  2. Jazmyn Castro

    I feel that people in this world need better things to do in life than make fake people just to see how many twitter followers they will get. The author of the article especially needs a life for actually doing this and paying just to get twitter followers.

  3. yahaira

    I think This article is not necessary for people to read because i dont understand why would people pay to increase their followers; and some people make new twitter pages (pictures of celebrities) for others to follow which is not cool because the people that will follow you wont know who you really are.

  4. Angelo Rodriguez

    Using 68 dollars to be “internet famous” isn’t worth it. No one isn’t going to like you for who you really are. Its better to earn your way up to being famous unless you really want the followers.


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