Class Agenda #34- Start of the Week

Group Juggle- 3.2

Read= Choose 1 of the following:

The death of Paul Walker

Chess Prodigy Magnus Carlson 

Cyber Monday Sales Results & Black Friday Madness


Write at least 1 complete paragraph commenting on your link in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Compose a Tweet in which you weigh in on the topic as well.


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8 thoughts on “Class Agenda #34- Start of the Week

  1. Jazmyn Castro

    The link that I read had to do with the death of Paul Walker and his friend Roger. When I heard about this news I didn’t have a reaction even though I saw all the fast and furious movies. I did react to how people were only focused on him and not his friend Roger. Just because he was a celebrity does not mean they should forget about the other life that was lost. People die everyday though especially from car accidents and eventually the press will move on from this.

  2. javier

    Theres nothing better then spending time eating with family and fighting others for the biggest sale shopping of the year. Black friday and cyber monday are known for the biggest shopping days because of the amazing deals and this year was the highest its ever been. Black friday can also be an ignorant day and deadly. Everyone doesnt care about each other they just want to get their gifts and leave to the next store, like putting one banana in the middle of monkeys. I personally dont like these events because there are people who dont have anything and still manage to live.

  3. Justin Lessington

    I read about the death of Paul Walker and his friend. I read about how Paul Walker and his friend got into a car accident that killed both of them. Both of them died on Saturday November 30th. Paul Walker was known for staring in the movie The Fast and the Furious and also staring in four out of the five fast ad furious movies. According to the article it said Paul Walker wasn’t in any good movies. In fact the article said he only had bad movies and really bad movies. Finally the article tried to end on a good note saying Paul Walker did leave us some premium cheese to watch.

  4. Jovana

    After looking at both of the article vines about Black Friday, I didn’t know that it could get that chaotic. I found it to be funny and interesting because it was really successful based on the Cyber Monday sales results. Many people stood outside early, even camped outside just to buy products. Many of the stores in malls or plaza areas made a lot of money. Online sales rose 17.3 percent on Thanksgiving AND Black Friday. Not only were there many stores making lots of money, but a lot of competition between so many shopping stores.

  5. terrenceeggleston

    the link that was resulting in the black friday deal was good because it gives good reasons why people shouldnt camp out on black friday because a lot of bad things may happen, it gives a great input on black friday.

  6. javierelite

    New chess champion would be pretty excited, but how long would that last. There is always a new champion or a record being broken. As a whole nothing is impossible not to beat there is simply too much time for there not to be a gap for anything unachievable.

  7. Branden Benton

    So once again Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge successes for families trying to catch something on sale. We also have some really funny Vine videos about how some people behave on black friday which in my opinion is actually is an accurate description. But the headline of the weekend sadly happens to be the death of Paul Walker. I find it weird that he was the voice of Brian from “Family Guy” and his character died in a car accident, the about 6 days later he dies in a car accident.

  8. Angelo Rodriguez

    Camping outside of stores for 2 or 3 days to get a low price flat screen or laptop? I don’t think I’ll ever do that especially in this 30-40 degree weather. This is a typical Black Friday. But something I will be doing in the future when I do have a job is ordering stuff online for cyber Monday. This is way better then going to a retail store and trying to find something good that’s not sold out already.


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