Class Agenda #28 – Welcome To The Monkey House – Continued

Opening Circle- So far, do you think Welcome to the Monkey House which of the following literary elements?

Satire—A work that reveals a critical attitude toward some element of human behavior by portraying it in an extreme way. Satire doesn’t simply abuse (as with invective) or get personal (as with sarcasm). Satire usually targets groups or large concepts rather than individuals; its purpose is customarily to inspire change.

Theme—A central idea of a work of fiction or nonfiction, revealed and developed in the course of a story or explored through argument.

Figurative Language—A word or words that are inaccurate literally, but describe by calling to mind sensations or responses that the thing described evokes. Figurative language may be in the form of metaphors or similes, both non-literal comparison. Shakespeare’s “All the world’s a stage” is an example of non-literal figurative language (metaphor specifically).


Class Reading- MonkStry -“Welcome to The Monkey House” by Kurt Vonnegut – About 15 minutes.

  • Save this story to your desktop.
  • Once the story is a pdf, click on the edit button at the top of the screen. This will allow you to make comments on the story.

4 Steps of Close Reading

  1. Copy and paste words you don’t know and define them. (using your class notebook and google)
  2. Underline/highlight what you think is important and summarize it in the space below.
  3. Put an arrow → next to something you agree or disagree with and state why in the margin or below.
  4. Write questions in the margins or below.

Lumosity and Quizlet- About 15 Minutes.

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