Class Agenda #18 #humblebrag

Opening Circle-

Group Juggle 3.2


Independent Study- The Humble Brag-


What is it?

Are you doing it?

What are some of the best of all time? 

Here are a few more…

The guy behind the guy…

Follow them on Twitter?


Post your own #humblebrags in the comment section below.


10 thoughts on “Class Agenda #18 #humblebrag

  1. Karol

    Went to the American Museum of Natural History today since I didn’t have anything better to do… Too many children around…

  2. Justin

    The Sullivan “ALL STAR” games was so not worth getting up at 6 in the morning. Even though I did hit the game winning three

  3. Jazmyn Castro

    Even though I can play Beethoven’s music on the piano with my eyes closed I will forever hate his musical pieces. #humblebrag

  4. Branden Benton

    I hate living in this Million Dollar Mansion!!! I just get so bored looking at so many rooms all day. #Humblebrag


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