Class Agenda #15 – Case Study- Jamal Edwards continued


Group Juggle Level 3.1

Case Study-

Being a young entrepreneur. 

Article– Wired Magazine looks at the top young YouTube sensations in England.

Class Work-

In one to two paragraphs, react to the success of  Jamal Edwards.

  • What is surprising about it?
  • Inspiring about it?
  • What can you learn from it?



4 thoughts on “Class Agenda #15 – Case Study- Jamal Edwards continued

  1. Karyatou Diallo

    It’s surprising to know that at such a young age Jamal Edwards is already worth 8 million. When you look at 15 year olds now a days you don’t really think they can grow up 22years old a millionaire. A lot of kids mindsets don’t go that far because they don’t really believe in themselves. And what’s really inspiring is the fact that Jamal Edwards didn’t put those videos on youtube thinking he was going to be a millionaire. He loved media and broadcasting and soon realize he could make money putting videos on youtube. If you really put your mind to it and want to be a millionaire at such a young age, you can. Jamal Edwards himself wrote a book telling us how to.

  2. elianny gomez

    I’m personally very familiar with the YouTube world. I’ve been watching beauty videos on YouTube for over 3 year and i know how popular and rich someone can get just by doing what they love. That’s why i wasn’t surprise when i read about Jamal Edwards. Even thou i didn’t find Jamal’s case rare I do think is very inspiring. I have thought about doing a YouTube channel for a long time and now that I read Jamal’s story i feel more confident about making one. I learned that if you never try you will never know where it can take you.

  3. Angelo Rodriguez

    Whats so surprising about Jamal Edwards success is how he started from putting videos of foxes on YouTube. Like just putting videos of a type of animal started this young guys success. I found this inspiring because it shows that anything you like to do you can make it even better for you like how he liked to film his friends because he thought they should be more known so he put it up on YouTube and now hes a millionaire for that. I learned from this that if you like to do something and you a have good time doing it just keep doing it. Eventually you’ll have a job with something you like to do which is great.

  4. javierelite

    Jamal Edward’s is very intelligent in using youtube as a source to bring publicity to his videos. he makes money off of making videos which is a pretty interesting. if there is any place you want to post a video its on youtube, because millions get on on it a day. It would be in interesting to make videos and get payed big money for it.


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