Class Agenda #14 – Case Study- Jamal Edwards


Group Juggle Level 3.1


Case Study- Who is Jamal Edwards?

Article 1- An overview

Article 2- An Interview

Video- TED Talk – The Future of Democracy


Class Work-

Read- Take a look at all 3 of our sources on Jamal Edwards.

Write- Who is Jamal Edwards and what can you learn from him?

Share- Jamal Edwards believes that someday England will find it’s Prime Minister through YouTube/Social Media. Do you think that could happen? Comment in the space below this post with your opinion on the topic.



2 thoughts on “Class Agenda #14 – Case Study- Jamal Edwards

  1. Javier

    I believe it wont happen because being as important as the prime minester of England cant just be found in youtube, or a social media network. You need to be political, although the requirements may be different, im postive it wont be found online.

  2. yahaira maldonado

    Yes i do think this could happen because if he is a star now he could go anywhere he wants. Whenever he has time he could make his decision to get out of state. Youtube is the most popular website to learn different things.


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