Class Agenda #12 – Quiz Day #2

Opening Circle-

  • Quiz- Group Juggle- Level 3.1
  • Try 3.2

Quiz Overview-

  • All work should be done in your class notebook.
  • Make sure you have the date and label this as a quiz.

Quiz Part I-

Listen to the Song- Started from the Bottom twice.

  • What are some of the key points of the song?
  • What are some contextual points about Drake?
  • What do you think Drake should do differently?
  • Or, what do you think people should hear when listening to this song?

Part II-

Find a link on Twitter that is either trending or that shares something (song, idea, video game, etc)


  • What is your criticism of the trend or topic?
  • If you are looking at criticism of sorts, what is the author doing to effectively in their work?

The Links From The Week-

Drake Album

Kendrick Lamar Album

Kendrick Lamar Flame

Fruitvale Station and Trayvon Martin (Film)

Prisoners and Insidious 2 – Film

Baseball Awards

Basketball: Heat Check 


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