Class Agenda #10 – Immersion in Criticism

Opening Circle-

  • Group Juggle- Level 3.1
  • An album that you’re currently listening to, movie you’ve recently seen, or TV show you watch

Criticism overview:

Anchor Read Aloud

Class Work:

  • This is a reading period. Read through the links below. These are heavy articles, so be prepared.
  • As you read, think about what are some of the key elements of quality criticism
  • In the comment section at the bottom of this page, share what you think are some of the key elements of quality criticism.

The Links-

Drake Album

Kendrick Lamar Album

Kendrick Lamar Flame

Fruitvale Station and Trayvon Martin (Film)

Prisoners and Insidious 2 – Film

Baseball Awards

Basketball: Heat Check 


11 thoughts on “Class Agenda #10 – Immersion in Criticism

  1. Justin

    When I read these different articles I see many different types of criticism. For example I saw good criticism on Drakes new album nothing was the same and kendrick Lamar’s album Mad City. I also saw cool and warm feedback on the link Basketball: Heat Check. This talked about the New York Knicks SG J.R Smith and how every time he gets hot he tends to shot every possession the Knicks get. The writers wasn’t favoriting J.r Smith that much in the article. To me I think the key elements to criticism are who the person is and how the fans react to it.

  2. Jovana

    After reading about Prisoners and Insidious 2, criticism can be the “overview” of the subject and the subject in this article is based on these two movies including the movie Adorn. The overview is based on what the movie is about, like a summary on how the director and actors took place in these movies.

  3. Yalitza Guerrero

    Many people dont like to be criticised, but in the other hand a few dont mind. If a person seeks for criticism about themselves then they learn more and find themselves able to do their job correctly.

  4. jochabed rivera

    some of the key elements of quality criticism may be that people get famous off of it & many other get bothered by it

  5. Angelo Rodriguez

    I think some of the key elements of criticism is when you say whats wrong about something but in a kind way you say ways you could’ve or can fix the problem.

  6. javierelite

    Criticism is usually the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes. This makes the person feel bad or sometimes make a compliment for someone.

  7. elianny gomez

    One of the key elements of quality criticism is to give a clean and constructive opinion to a topic. I think quality criticism needs to be clear so that everyone can understand your point of view. I also think it should be constructive so that the person who your criticizing can better from it.


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