Class Agenda #8 – A quote and a demonstration.

Opening Circle- Comment on the quote below.

Quote of the Day-

~“The truly educated man (person) is that rare individual who can separate reality from illusion.”


Task #1 – 15 minutes

  • Interpret this quote in your digital notebook.  (Inform)
  • Think of one example that can support your interpretation. (argue)
  • Explain how your example supports your interpretation. (persuade)

Independent Reading-


  • An overview of Lumosity and Cognitive Training

Practice- Together


In the comment section below, post one observation, something you’re excited about, or something you’re concerned with about our Lumosity project.


6 thoughts on “Class Agenda #8 – A quote and a demonstration.

  1. Gamalier Ramos

    it will be pretty amazing to enhance your brain to the next level with no pain or heart attacks. i am pretty sure that will make the human race to the next step of development.

  2. pandonna

    I’m excited to find how what my brain can do with our Lumosity project. I definitely want to enhance my memory and increase brain’s speed ! I’m curious about how the games on the site are able to improve my brain, and what kind of games they are.

  3. KelmyM

    I am very concerned with this website, I am scared to see if this website can turn me crazy or not and if it can damage my brain instead of helping it.


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