Class Agenda # 7 – Wait, we’re having a quiz?

Opening Circle- 

Review quiz instructions.


Part 1- Send a formal informative e-mail to Mr. Boccheciamp.

  • Choose your favorite novel opening from this week’s work
  • Give a formal greeting.
  • Introduce your selection.
  • Copy the entry completely into the body of the e-mail. Don’t forget to use “”s
  • Explain why you chose this selection and what you like about it. (Hint, if the reason is because it’s short, try to work a little harder.)
  • Thank me for reading your e-mail, being a wonderful teacher/inspiration
  • Sign off.
  • Don’t forget a subject line in your e-mail.

Part II- Send either a formal argumentative e-mail OR a formal persuasive e-mail to your Crew Advisor.

  • CC Mr. Boccheciamp in this e-mail.
  • Use a formal greeting and a cordial tone (look it up if you don’t know)
  • Either disagree with something from crew and try to set it straight, or try to persuade your Crew Advisor to do something for you or your crew.
  • Thank them
  • Sign off.
  • Don’t forget a subject line.

Left over time-

  • Finish copying your 30 openings.
  • Silently reflect on that time Boccheciamp OD’ed on instructions
  • Here’s something interesting to read.

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