Class Agenda #8 Quiz Day

Opening Circle-

Group Juggle Level 1 Quiz

Group Juggle Level 2 Quiz

Group Juggle Level 3.1 Practice


Twitter Quiz- 

  1. Use your twitter feed to find something interesting to consume.
  2. Consume your article or link completely.
  3. Post a a summary for your link and a recommendation in the comments section at the bottom of this page.
  4. Search the regional trends for something you find interesting. Tweet a comment  using the # of the trend and the hashtag #uatweets

Extra time- Use twitter to find something interesting to consume.


19 thoughts on “Class Agenda #8 Quiz Day

  1. Justin Lessington

    One thing I searched up is something that is trending in New York about a modeling agency. This modeling agency was charged with scamming families out of 250,000. This is a very good article to read.

  2. Jazmyn Castro

    This link is about the 10 great haunted attractions that people should go to especially since it is almost time for Halloween. The article tells people where the attractions are located and what they have to offer.

  3. Javier

    In Jackson County, Wisconsin a little girl was shot in the face by her older brother. The little girl was 4 years old, and her brother said they were playing a game and he picked up the loaded shotgun their father left in the house. The little girl survived but the father was sent to jail. The little boy stated that they were playing a game but in reality his father told him to lie about it and he discharged it by accident. Lying to the cops is never acceptable. The 6 year old boy has been shooting guns since he was 3!! This is a lesson to always be safe with guns and children.

  4. yahaira14

    New Yorks Trends


    A lot of people wants to know if buddhism is a religion. Buddhism is a religion because the people worship a god in their country.


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