Class Agenda #2

Opening Circle-

Goal- Group Juggle Level 1 with 5 objects?

SLT- I can improve my hand eye coordination, brain function, and cognitive capacities through the my active participation in the group juggle.

A Quick Review of the stats from last night:

  • # of emails received- 23
  • # of (No Subject Headings) – 1
  • # of Laptops claimed- 23
  • # Songs shared- 17
  • # of most shared artist- 4, Kendrick Lamar and Drake
  • # Artists I’ve never heard of- 2. Zedd. Principe Baru
  • # of Notebooks Created- ?
  • # of Notebooks Shared- 14
  • # of Notebooks with at least part of the assignment complete- 6

Grab Laptops- go to site.

Setting up a notebook-


Last night, this was revealed- #TwerkFail

Question- What is your reaction to this reveal?

Looking at notebooks

Closing circle

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