Class Agenda #1

Circle Up-

Whip Around- 

  • Name
  • What does the word “trending” mean to you?

Group Juggle- I can improve my hand-eye coordination and brain function through by being an active participant in our class group juggle.

Non-Negotiable Norms- Electronics, Uniform, Laptop Norms, Self-Sufficiency/Fake It Till You Make It

Class/Home Work-

  • Send me a Formal E-mail that shares the number of the computer you’ll be working with this semester, something you feel is culturally relevant to you, and one song that’s trending now that I should be listening to.
  • Create a “digital notebook” in your Validus Google Drive.
  • Share with Mr. Boccheciamp
  • Write what the word “trending” means to you in a complete thought. Be sure to include examples that articulate your point.
  • Create a “for schooling purposes” Twitter account. If you already have one, make sure it’s something you want to use in school.

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