Class Agenda #38

Group Juggle- 830-835

Choice- 835-9

“Why Man Creates” Sections 2 & 3 “Fooling Around” and “Process”- (Start at 5:00 in)

  1. Why does man create?
  2. What is your reaction to this


Weekly Trend Report


$$$$$$$$$$$$$- 9-925

Last week we all received an e-mail from Munk called:

“10K for your  crazy Validus Project that just might work”

-The next phase of the iZone is underway. In the spirit of democratization and spreading the wealth, they have launched a program to give innovative projects 10K in seed money. The democracy part – Anyone in the Validus community can submit a proposal for the seed money. Students can submit, teachers can submit, hallway staff or admin can submit!

-This sort of program is an acknowledgment that brilliance often comes from below. The iZone wants to fund that crazy idea, that might just work. The projects must attempt to solve a school wide problem or a problem in your classroom.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are some school wide problems that 10k would help address?
  2. What are some deficiencies in your education that the granting of 10k to a class would help to address?

930- Check e-mail from Dunseith

Programming Time- ’til 1030
-If you are interested, please do one or both of the following:



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