Class Agenda #33

Group Juggle-

Opening Reading- “50 Best Sites of 2013- so far…”


HTML People-

What pages/links are most common on these sites and what should then be on yours? What does their navigation look like? How does it work?

Database People-

What type of Inputs and Outputs do these sites have?


Look at the color schemes- how many different colors are in the branding of these pages? What are the link colors, button colors, menu colors, text colors, etc? Based on your knowledge of CSS so far what are some of the style features these designers are using? (Don’t forget that you can view the source.)


What is the User Interactivity (UI) like on these sites? What buttons are there?  What does a visitor to this site do?

Class Work – I can make something.

pro duc tive (adjective) – related to or engaged in making something

  • Look in your email and find a response to the email you sent on Tuesday.  
  • Respond to this email.  
  • If you did not write the email on Tuesday, go to Class Agenda #32 to see the email prompt.

Bringing together the INDIVIDUAL and TEAM work: “User Experience Map”

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