End of Marking Period 2

To summarize your programming work for the Second Marking Period, send an email to all three teachers.  Your email should have a subject line that includes the words “Second Marking Period,” and it should be written in complete sentences.

Your email should include the following:

1) Write a sentence or two about your progress on each of the following SLTs:

  • I can use HTML to make web pages.
  • I can use Cascading Style Sheets to make my web sites beautiful.
  • I can use PHP, Ruby, and/or Javascript to program interactive web sites.
  • I can make something.
  • It’s ok if you haven’t worked on all of these SLTs – focus on the ones you have been working on.

2) Paste Code Academy Screenshot(s)

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Hold SHIFT+CONTROL+COMMAND and press 4, then use the mouse to select the area.
  2. Press COMMAND+V to paste into your email.

3) Write a sentence or two about your Programming Log.  Is your log complete?  Is it a fair assessment of your work?

4) In addition to your Code Academy screenshot and your Programming Log, is there anything else we should know about your programming efforts?

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