Class Agenda #20

Group Juggle-

Contagious- Excerpt from Chapter 1 Social Currency

Group Time- 

  • Finalize hires
  • Make sure you know your team
  • If there is new talent in the room, recruit them

One Pager

  • Click here to download a simple template
  • Fill it in by completing each prompt.  You may change the formatting as much as you like.
  • When you’re done, save your work and export to .pdf.
  • Attach both the .pages and .pdf files in an email to Mr. Boccheciamp and Mr. Dunseith.
  • Due by the end of today’s class.

Web Address

Work Time

  • Work towards achieving your mission.
  • Keep track on your Programming Log.

Spring Break

  • What will you accomplish over break?
  • What does your team need you to accomplish?
  • Can you get a Code Academy streak going for the entire break?

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