Class Agenda #17

Group Juggle: Things that wouldn’t fit in this classroom.

Listening: Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

Task: Open your Notebook. As we listen, jot down any thoughts or connections that you’re having with this text.

Learning Target: I can make something.

  • 2: Use scratch to make something.  (If it’s beautiful and useful, maybe this is worth more than a 2.)
  • 3: Use HTML and CSS to make something.
  • 4: Use HTML, CSS, + Ruby or Javascript to make something.
  • Write me an email by the end of the week telling me about the first thing you’re going to make.

Task: “Pitch” your project using the Quirky Model-

  • A Problem
  • Your proposed solution
  • Materials and Roles needed

Share Out:

  1. Share pitches / Who’s is really excited about their own ideas / Who is excited about someone’s idea — would you work for them.
  2. Twitter Vocabulary Project – project manager, designers, advertising & PR & marketing


  • Take steps to gain the technical know-how you need to fulfill your role.

Programming Logs

  • Are you keeping up on your programming log?
  • You should be recording the work you do both in and out of class.

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