Class Agenda #16

Group Juggle: What are you scared of?

Listening- Listen to about the first 10 Minutes of the book “Contagious” by Jonah Berger. As you listen, jot down any ideas you’re having or quotes that you like from this selection.

Pitch- Look at the following models on the site Quirky-

  • What are some good ideas on this list? Why do you think that?
  • What are some half-baked ideas on this list? If they don’t apply to you, fine, but what is there target market?
  • Practice- Think of a product and in your Notebook create a pitch for it in this format.

We’re going to run a vocab backchannel on Twitter (remember Today’s Meet?)

  • Be experts for the teachers!
  • What hashtags should we use?  Can you suggest some?
  • What vocabulary assignments should Upper Academy complete over Spring Break?
  • Can this connect to Battle of the Books?

Let’s play with Twitter

  • — how do they do this?  
  • You need some design experience, and you need to know Twitter’s API

Programming Logs

  • Are you keeping up on this?
  • What is the best use for this log?

Learning Target: I can make something.

  • 2: Use scratch to make something.  (If it’s beautiful and useful, maybe this is worth more than a 2.)
  • 3: Use HTML and CSS to make something.
  • 4: Use HTML, CSS, + Ruby or Javascript to make something.
  • Write me an email by the end of the week telling me about the first thing you’re going to make.
  • What hashtags should we use?  Can you suggest some?

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