Class Agenda #14

Group Juggle Opener.

Group Task- You have 15 minutes to put together “A Pitch” presentation for your start-up internet platform.

  • Tell us about your company
  • What problem have you identified that you’re working to address.
  • Show us the early stages of your product.
  • Tell us about where you’re product will go from here.
  • Each presentation should be NO MORE than 5 minutes

Audience- As you watch each presentation-

  • What are some of the pluses of the company?
  • Would you invest in this company? If not, think of some useful suggestions for how to improve/address any oversites

Group Task- Give your groups a grade for this task for the first marking period.

  • If 4 is a successful website, 3 is something that you’d link to your E-Portfolio, 2 is operational, and 1 is a domain name, what did you score?
  • Plan out your next steps


Initial Programming Targets

  • I can use HTML to make web pages.
  • I can use Cascading Style Sheets to make my web sites beautiful.
  • I can use Javascript to make programs.

HTML Quiz 1 Debrief

First Marking Period Programming Assignment


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