A Bunch of Educators Walk Into a Room…

Dear Validus #TrendingNow,

Next Thursday, Messrs. Boccheciamp and Dunseith will spend a few hours sharing the work of this year’s #TrendingNow class with a group of teachers and school leaders at the Expeditionary Learning Schools National Conference in Baltimore, MD.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in this conversation in one of two ways:

  1. We would like you to be experts on this work.  As students, how do you see the role of technology in the classroom?  Should computers, social media, and other online technology play a role in your classes?  What is your advice to teachers on how to make the best use of new technology?
  2. We would like to give you access to an expert audience.  As we meet with other teachers and educational leaders, do you have any questions for our group?  What are some important education issues that you’d like us to talk about?

Please post your thoughts and answers to either of these two prompts in the comments to this page.

Stay tuned for more ways to participate in our class next Thursday.

12 thoughts on “A Bunch of Educators Walk Into a Room…

  1. Aramatah J

    Hey room full of teachers 🙂

    I would like to know, do you guys feel like quitting some of the time because of the pressure received at work ?

  2. Justin Centeno

    Technology in the class is amazing. Automatically knowing what work is needed when your absent by checking the class websites. Checking what students think of work or just asking questions about words or work. I think all classes should use technologie in class quick access to information, also using twitter to find important events.

  3. joseflorian

    Well as I been told most the learning you do in college you learn on your own, doing research and whatnot. In our #TreandingNow class we learn how to not only access the internet but witch websites are good resources and how to also site the websites for research papers.

  4. Musa Manneh

    The technology we use in this class is very amazing and also a fun way to learn in class. Using social media such as a twitter will helps us connect to our classmate and people around the world. We do a lot of exciting work that will help us in the future such as computer programming and making our website/blog.

  5. Jamal M

    Hello to those who’ll be reading this, I do have questions regarding to your teaching; Do you think have a class full of laptops will be more of an disadvantage or an advantage? Do you think your students will learn more with a textbook or a laptop? Which one seems more interesting to teach with?

  6. Roseangel

    I believe that having access to technology while in class helps us in different ways. When we use laptops or Ipads in the classrooms, it isn’t to get on facebook or any social media. I speak for myself in the sense that I take advantage of having technology in my school. Having technology in my school is the reason why I got to fill out college applications faster with the help of college counselors by my side, rather than doing everything alone in my house. I feel that teachers should continue signing laptop carts out and giving us an opportunity to access them when we need them.

  7. Wesley Franco

    Would you prefer to advocate the interactions with media rather than promote standard Ideas in text books? -Prompt 1

  8. Sean Woods

    As technology continues to improve how easy it is to communicate with other individuals around the world on various subjects that relate to school. Should schools implement classes teaching proper use of social media devices and how to search the internet for educational purposes?

  9. Fatema Waggeh

    Technology is in students everyday life so why shouldn’t we use social media in classrooms to have students be more involved and also how could schools use social media as a educational tool.


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