Class Agenda #5

Group Juggle


  • I can determine the central ideas, themes, or conclusions of a text. (R2)- This means that I can understand and use quality information that I find from the web.
  • I can develop creative products using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences. (W3)- This means that my personal blog, weekly trend report and my tweets are carefully constructed.

[Weekly Research Assignment]: 20 Minutes  Use your research skills to find something that is trending now. Could be from the weekend. Could be from last week. Then, use your writing skills to draft an essay of about 250 words that does the following:

  • (NEW) You must use and cite MULTIPLE SOURCES in your essay.
  • Summarize the story.
  • Analyze the story- Ask yourself, why did this story trend?
  • Predict- What are the outcomes or implications of this story?
  • Cite- Credit your sources using our MLA Format
  • Tweet- Share your links with your twitter followers.

The Pitch- at your tables, share the gist of the stories you found. You will have 10 Minutes to think of “a pitch’ for a new product or service that could directly relate to something trending at your table.

Programming Time

    1. HTML 101 course
    2. Web Page project.
    3. More With HTML
    4. Project: Make a Recipe Card (new)
    5. CSS: Coding With Style (new)



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