Class Agenda #3

[Opener]: Circle Up

Group Juggle SLT- I can improve my brain-function, hand-eye coordination and collaborative capacities through my involvement in The Group Juggle.

Game- Ninja Warrior, Fast Zombie, Executioner, Pirate

Assignment for MP- 1


  • Role- You’re a vital part of a small start-up company
  • Audience- Web Surfers, Kids your Age, Validus Students, etc…
  • Format- A Digital Media Platform (WYNC, Mashable,, ESPN.COM, etc…)
  • Topic- Your Groups will be creating a digital media platform that can be consumed by the masses. You will be using the resources that we have at school to make a product that people are interested in seeing and consuming.
  • Strong Verb- Excite

Some Examples-

Sheridan Hoops



In your groups, find a common interest that you can focus into a shared media platform.

Once you have your focus: Divide the labor-

  • Product Manager, Content Providers, Design and Layout, etc…
  • You’re all on the same team, so some jobs might have to overlap.
  • When you’re ready, secure the web-space and twitter handle, and start working!


SLT: I can use HTML to make web pages.

  • Complete the HTML 101 course you started yesterday.
  • Then complete this Web Page project.
  • You must finish both of these before the start of Thursday’s class.

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