Class Agenda #40: Wrapping it Up!

[Opener]: Group Juggle Final Exam

[Work Time, Part 1]:

  • Are you proud of your blog?
  • Is your Writer’s Notebook ready to be assessed?
  • Have you contributed to your class web site?

[Work Time, Part 2]:

  • Final Problem Solving Tasks are due today.  I will accept them until the end of the day on Friday, but I will be a more generous grader if you hand them in today.
  • Use your work to complete the final Writing Prompt.  Click on the page for your project to see your RAFT.
    1. Facebook Users
    2. Moore’s Law
    3. Storing MP3’s
  • Use the Rubric to assess yourself on this project, and hand it in with the rest of your work.


Exit Survey

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