Class Agenda #39

[Opener]: Circle Up, Group Juggle

SLT- I can improve my brain-function, hand-eye coordination and collaborative capacities through my involvement in The Group Juggle.


A look at early versions of websites:

Comparing and Contrasting then and now.

Individual Work- Spend 5 minutes looking through the early versions of these sites. On your POST IT NOTE-

  • What do you think the most important component of a new website is?


Lets apply this to our Current #Trending Sites: What are some things we should focus on for these sites?

To-DO List- On a Post-It, create a To-Do List for your Work Time

Class Work- 

  1. Class Website- Refer to This Class Agenda or This Class Agenda – Remember that this class site should be at the least something better than a site that we’ve been using for this this class. Check the Rubric for this on our Student Learning Target Page.
  2. Personal Blog
  3. Weekly Research Essay

Debrief From Yesterday’s Check In

Work Time on Final Problem Solving Tasks

  • Due on Thursday
  • You’ll have a 30 minute writing task in class on Thursday.

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