Problem Solving Task: Facebook Users

Is Facebook the world’s biggest country?

When will Facebook reach 2 billion users?

Student Learning Targets

  • Habit 1: I can make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
  • Habit 4: I can construct mathematical models.
  • Habit 5: I can make strategic use of appropriate tools.
  • TN7: I can create and interpret linear models.


Assignment Handout

Final Writing Prompt

Make a new google doc with the file name: #TN Final RAFT YOUR NAME, and share it with

SLT Habit 3: I can construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

  • Role: You are an executive at Facebook, in charge of planning for the future.
  • Audience: Your colleagues at Facebook, who are strategizing for the next ten years of the company.
  • Format: A speech or a letter that you will passionately share with the team.
  • Topic: The Road to 2 Billion Users (and How We’re Going to Make Money)!

As you know, Facebook recently gained its 1 billionth account, in the Fall of 2012.  As you may have also heard, Facebook is having a bit of a hard time making money.  Although they have a billion customers, they don’t make a lot of money per user.  Your task is to use the work you have done this week to outline a strategy for how and when Facebook will reach 2 billion users, and how the company is going to make more money along the way.  If you need to do extra resource, be sure that you cite your sources.


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