VPA College Writing Reflection

Overview- We’ve been writing all semester, so this reflection asks for something different-

Here are the things that I’ve been teaching you this semester:

  • I can develop an informative product that clearly and accurately explains complex ideas.
  • I can selectively integrate information from multiple sources into my product.
  • I can summarize how the ideas, themes, or conclusions of a text are developed and connected.
  • I can delineate and evaluate the claims, reasoning, and evidence in a text by comparing them to other sources.

For each SLT:

  • Work in pairs or 3’s
  • Use the iPads to take a photo of yourself demonstrating your understanding of each of the following learn targets. You are posing for a picture in a way that shows your knowledge of each of the learning targets.
  • This should be 4 separate photos
  • There is no writing in this assignment. Instead your pictures should clearly demonstrate your understanding.



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