Grade Reports for Math SLTs

[Grade Reports]: Follow these instructions carefully

  1. Click on this link to get the document.  You must be signed into your Validus account to access this document.
  2. Click on File –> Make a Copy
  3. Name the file: #TN Grades YOUR NAME
  4. Share the file with Mr. Dunseith (
  5. Sign into the Jumprope Student Portal
  6. Find the math targets of this #TrendingNow class.  In your grades, it might show up as ALGEBRA 2 or STATISTICS.  Either way, it’s the class with the same SLT’s listed in your Grade Report
  7. Follow the instructions to fill out the chart and make a plan for the rest of the semester.
  8. Send Mr. Dunseith an email requesting ideas for work on any of these eight SLTs.
  9. Note that you can use a chart like this for ANY CLASS you want!

3 thoughts on “Grade Reports for Math SLTs

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