Class Agenda #33

Group Juggle

I can improve my brain-function, hand-eye coordination and collaborative capacities through my involvement in The Group Juggle.

Large Circle-

Review Work Plans

Work Time-

Reporters- Write and research your first articles if possible

Copy Writers/Editors- Choose AT LEAST 2 of the following Brain Pop Grammatical Exercises – e-mail the results to

Editors/Analyst/Colorists- Should we “re-brand” our site?- –  Think of a plan for how we should expand our brand.

Web Designers- Get familiar with how to use WordPress

Extra Time- Personal Blogs

Math Learning Targets: What is your action plan?

Problem Set #11 / Vacation Packet

  1. Problem Solving: putting your best work on the page, even if it’s not perfect.
  2. Composite Functions: here’s what high school math looked like for almost a century.
  3. Delta Math

A few example problems.

Work Time

  • Excel Exploration #4 is due tomorrow (12/21/12)
  • Get started on Problem Set #11

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