Class Agenda #30

SLT- I can identify and report on important trends in current culture.

Large Circle- Review Agenda I

Independent Research- Google Zeitgeist for the USA

Task I: The Research (15 Minutes)

  • Spend 10 Minutes looking through the results of the top American Search Trends of 2012
  • Spend 5 Minutes jotting down your reactions and analysis to these trends in your Notebook. What is the research telling you?

Task II: Discuss (5 Minutes)

  • In your groups, WHIP AROUND to share your findings at your table.


Task III- The Pitch (15 Minutes)

  • Based on your research and discussion, think of a “START UP”
  • Flesh out some of the details in your Start Up- What is the problem or observation that you’re identifying? Who’s the target audience? What will your product do?
  • Prepare your Pitch

Task IV- The Pitch II

  • The Pitch Person shares out. Remember that this person has to believe in the product.

Closing Whip Around- 


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