Class Agenda #29

[Opener!]: Group Juggle- I can improve my brain function, hand-eye  coordination, and my collaborative capacities with The Group Juggle.

[Weekly Research Assignment]:

SLT- I can present ideas, arguments, and evidence logically and formally in a way is appropriate to my purpose, audience, and task.

Use your research skills to find something that is trending now. Could be from the weekend. Could be from last week. Then, use your writing skills to draft an essay of about 250 words that does the following:

  • (NEW) You must use and cite MULTIPLE SOURCES in your essay.
  • Summarize the story.
  • Analyze the story- Ask yourself, why did this story trend?
  • Predict- What are the outcomes or implications of this story?
  • Cite- Credit your sources using our MLA Format
  • Tweet- Share your links with your twitter followers.

Feel free to continue to browse through Twitter when this is complete. You don’t need to become involved in any discussion threads. Instead, use your Twitter feed as a reader and find interesting things to read and learn.

[New Math Content SLT]: TN4 – I can find the inverse of one function and the composition of multiple functions.

  • Return Check in Quizzes / Go over any questions
  • Capacity Matrix for SLT TN4
  • New Delta Math Assignment for SLT TN4.
    • Due Monday at 11:59 pm
    • 100% = 4; 85% = 3; 70% =2 on this SLT
  • I’ll take Problem Set #10 if you turn it in by 10:40 today.

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