Assignment –

 The Photo Essay

SLT- I can edit and refine my writing to create final drafts of expository writing.

For this assignment you will be researching and viewing a variety of PHOTO ESSAYS. You will then select 2 of these photo essays and write TWO 250 words essays or ONE 500 essay about the circumstances surrounding your selections.

(FOR ICONIC LENSES Students- Pay attention to the photographers’ techniques in these essays)

Here are your choices:

Option 1-

Option 2-

Option 3- Find your own. (Suggested searches- Best Photo Essays of 2012, of all time, Best Sports Photo Essays, Music Photo Essays, etc…)

Suggested Time Line-

Day 1- Search through multiple essays. Copy links of and take notes on your favorite essays.

Day 2- Continue your search. By the end of class, have about three that you’re passionate about.

Day 3- Begin to research the circumstances of your three favorite essays.

Day 4- Continue Research. Begin to outline.

Day 5- Draft

Day 6- Draft.

Finish your final Draft over Break.


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