Class Agenda X-II

Group Juggle-

TASK I On Tuesday you began to research the Digital Media Industry.  Now that you’ve chosen a role, IN YOUR NOTEBOOK spend at least 10 minutes writing about what you’d like to do in your role.

  • If you’re a reporter, what do you want to focus on. If you’re a copywriter, how do you plan to edit your peers work. Photographer…you get the idea…
  • This probably will require a little more research on your role.

Here were the jobs I got from you-

  • Joisis- Web Designer
  • Dimiti Reporter
  • Woods- Editor in Cheif
  • Penelope- Web Designer
  • Musa- Copy Writer
  • Christian- Editor
  • Kary- Copy Writer
  • Photo- Jose G
  • Brenda- Web Design
  • Ramon- Reporter
  • Karla- Colorist
  • Terrence- Reporter
  • Justin- Digitial Media Promoter
  • Grace- Reporter
  • Yadi- Reporter
  • Justin C- Reporter
  • Tiben- Reporter
  • Jordan- Reporter/Photographer
  • Isatou- Reporter
  • Fatou- Reporter
  • Fatima- Co- Editor-in-Chief/Analyst
  • Aramatah- Copy Writer
  • JC- Reporter/Photographer

WORK TIME- Make a plan, and put it in writing.  What are you going to work on today?

  • Your weekly 250 word essay on something that’s trending, now
  • Your blog
    • Content
    • Appearance
    • It’s presence in the world of social media (are you tweeting?)
  • Delta Math assignment on functions
  • Your Current Problem Set

At the Mid-Point, we’ll take a brief break for the New Mastry Based Group Juggle


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