Class Agenda: Tuesday 12/4 / Final RAFTS Description

[Opener]: Group Juggle

[Product Assignment]:
3rd Marking Period Final RAFTS

  • Role- You’re a vital part of the VPA #TrendingNow Media Team
  • Audience- Our Validus Community. Our EL National Network. Anyone interested in seeing something cool.
  • Format- A Digital Media Platform (WYNC, Mashable,, etc…)
  • Topic- During this final marking period, we will be turning this class into a digital media platform that can be consumed by the masses. We will be using the resources that we have at school to make a product that people are interested in seeing.
  • Strong Verb- Excite

Step 1- Research and Report- What are some key roles and resources in a digital media platform? Meaning, what are the necessary jobs of a Digital Media Organization?

Step 2- Discuss as a class and begin to think about roles.

Step 3– Send me an e-mail with what role you’d like to have in our Digital Media Organization.

SLT TN4: I can find the inverse of one function and the composition of multiple functions.

  • [Opener]: Finding the inverse of a function.
  • [Work Time]: 30 minutes of work time on Delta Math: Inverse of Functions
  • [Coming Attractions]: What is the composition of two functions?
  • [Problem Set]: Here’s Problem Set #10; it’s due next Tuesday.

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