Intensives Monday Agenda

Circle Up

  • Introductions
  • Group Juggle

Anchor TextThe Importance of Hashtags in Your Tweets

Intensives Learning Targets

  • I can thoughtfully document #Validus’s 2012 The #FallIntensivesWeek using a variety of social media platforms (Twitter, Blogs, Instagram, Facebook, etc…)
  • I can identify what’s trending within my #school #community and throughout #myCity (#NYC), and be a part of the action through live reporting.
  • I can start a #trending topic on Twitter

Checking the #Trends and Assigning Fieldwork

  • What’s #Trending at #Validus Today?
  • What’s #Trending in #NYC Today?
  • Who’s going where?


  • You are expected to #Tweet multiple times per day, using the hashtag #ValidusPrep
    • You can tweet about things you see.
    • You can tweet the thoughts of other students on fieldwork.
    • You can tweet what the tour guide says.
    • You can tweet photos of…
    • You can tweet…
  • You are expected to use your phone to take pictures of your experience
  • You can put these pictures on Twitter or #instagram immediately or save them for a large blog post on Wednesday.


  • Reporters report for their assignments
  • Those staying with this Group must decide where to go today, and off we go.

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