Intensives Fieldwork Wish List

We’re six days away from the start of Intensives week!

Some of you will take this class as an Intensive, but even if you’re not planning on it, please respond to the following questions by writing a comment below.  We’d like to take our best thinking into the field next week!

If you haven’t signed up for Intensives yet, click here!

  1. If you could be a reporter for any Intensive (traveling with them on their fieldwork, taking pictures, writing about their work), which one would it be, and why?  (If you need to see the list of Intensives, click here.)
  2. If you could go anywhere in New York City to help build your blog, where would you want to go?  Who would you want to talk to?  What pictures would you like to take for posting on your blog?
  3. Is there anything trending now in NYC that you would like to report on?  Where should we go on our fieldwork to make that happen?

28 thoughts on “Intensives Fieldwork Wish List

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  2. Grace

    If I were to be a reporter I would like to report the intensive of Food, because that intensive will be going around the city eating foods and enjoying the week, I want to be able to do that. Also it would help my blog in many ways because my blog is about exotic foods.

  3. brendacflores

    I think that having kids go out and see or talk about the other things people where doing in their intensive is a good way of blogging or talking about it on twitter as well. The reporter job is cool way and makes this intensive interesting.

  4. Woods

    If I were to report on something that is trending now, I would write about Mad Max capitalism. We should go to the companies that currently have top sales in selling survival equipment, or any company that sells products needed for survival during a crisis or time of need.

  5. Justin Centeno

    i would be a photographer for the art of war intensive since that intensive intrigues me and helps with global regents prep in a way. I would love to go around Manhatten since my blog deals with people complaining. I would report on the red cross and all there help for the people affected by hurricane sandy

  6. Karyatou Diallo

    If I could be a reporter for any intensive it would be pizza and cupcakes. It seems interesting and I always wanted to know how to start pizza from scratch and cupcakes as well.
    I would go to 42nd street to help build my blog. My blog is about fashion, food, my country and etc. I think 42nd street will be the best for this because the amount of nice restaurants, boutiques, shopping stores and people. This will all be good pictures for my blog and I can take some nice pictures of food, and etc.

  7. Henry Batiz

    If I were to be a reporter I would like to report the intensive i would go to a place full of people and ask questions that everyday people should know and write down the date of that trip to see how much people know and dont know i would take pictures of people reaction to the question or answer i would love to go to wall street and ask people questions they should know.

  8. Jamal Miles

    If I were to be a reporter then I’d go to the “Cupcake and Pizza” intensive, if you’re going to be a reporter then why not get you stories from a first hand experience? Places to help me with my blog would be my anime meetings in Manhattan, when I go there I get a lot o recommendations on what anime I should watch or manga’s I should read next.

  9. Musa Manneh

    If I were to be a reporter I would make a report about Rockefeller and I would like to take pictures on top of the rock to get a view of the city. This will be a great for my blog because I want create funny memes about it.

  10. Lillybeth

    I would go to a music intensive because I really love music. to be honest, I don’t know where I could go to explore which will help my blog, because my blog is basically quotes, and inspirational, motivational, etc things.

  11. Christian Persaud

    I would definitely want to report on the Sony Wonder visit during intensives. I’ve heard lots of great things about the store and as I am a huge Sony fan, I would enjoy writing my reports.

  12. Jordan Zuniga

    If I were a reporter I would love to take a day and wander around Manhattan and write about my surroundings, how people act and the environment .. how different it is from the Bronx.

  13. john safle

    I would do the Art in nyc intensive. Why,I like art intensive then I could always learn something new. I’d most likely go downtown to soho area. Union square broadway and lafayette. I’d talk to some of the street art venders and some of my friends.

  14. Noheli Perez

    I want to go to the movies , or 16 handles walk around central park. Also walk around time square. I choose these places because I just want to have fun and go places where I know I’m going to have fun.

  15. Kassi H.

    Central Park ,

    Time Square


    China Town

    – I picked these place because this is where there are allot of people finding ways to make money some dress up , hold up signs , sing , dance , act , tell jokes . I say this because my blog is about poverty and homeless people and what are others doing to stop this.

  16. joseflorian

    Honestly i’m not even sure what wound help my idea in my blog since its a personal I’ll just write about my day and how boring/fun/interesting ect. so i’ll go where ever everyone else wants to go 🙂

  17. Logan The Boss

    If i was a reporter for the knitting intensive i would take pictures and record to show how cool it is, you just sit there and knit and talk. you also learn to create cool knits and the different techniques

  18. Catherine Lantigua

    If i can go anywhere in NYC to build up my blog it would be Dylan’s Candy bar because my blog is about candy. One person who i would want to talk to would be to Dylan Lauren to ask her what inspired her to open up a store that is only about candy. And take pictures of cool things i see.

  19. Diamond

    If i can be a reporter of an intensive I would go to senior 2013 year book and Senior 2013 preparing for college. I would pick this because my blog is about my life and I’m a senior so it would fit for my blog

  20. Teajah

    i would like to interview the music production intensive because my blog is about music dance and emotions.also because i love music. 2. if i could go any where in the city i would go to a dance studio.

  21. Jennifer Novas

    Bronx Zoo 😀 because it would be nice to be in a area around animals take pictures ; talk about it and share the experience on your blog

  22. Jennifer Novas

    Bronx Zoo 😀 because it would be nice to go in a area around animals Take pictures ; and then share the experience on your blog

  23. Diamond

    If I could go anywhere I would go to places that i love to go to. For example I would like to go to 42nd street, maybe bryant park (iceskating), and maybe even staying at school would be cool too.


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