Class Agenda #20

Circle Up- Group Juggle

Opening Reading- TWEET OF THE WEEK-


Weekly Assignment- Use your research skills to find something that is trending now. Could be from the weekend. Could be from last week. Then, use your writing skills to draft an essay of about 250 words that does the following:
  • Summarize the story.
  • Analyze the story- Ask yourself, why did this story trend?
  • Predict- What are the outcomes or implications of this story?
  • Cite- Credit your sources using our MLA Format
  • Tweet- Share your links with your twitter followers.

Feel free to continue to browse through Twitter when this is complete. You don’t need to become involved in any discussion threads. Instead, use your Twitter feed as a reader and find interesting things to read and learn.

Where do you want to go for Intensives?  Respond to the prompt here!

Check in Quiz: Evaluating Functions

Excel Exploration #3This will help you with Problem Set #8, which is due today at 3:30 pm.

Open work time here, during lunch today.


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