Iconic Lenses Class Agenda #16

Opening- Group Juggle

Prompt- Below is a link that lists 10 of the great portrait photographers of the past century. In a well crafted essay of about 500 words, discuss the career and impact of ONE of these portrait photographers.

The Link: http://www.photography-art-cafe.com/famous-portrait-photographers.html

The Work:

Research AT LEAST 3 of the portrait photographers. You should look at AT Least 3 links for each.

  • Choose 1 photographer to study.
  • Find AT LEAST 5 links for your photographer. Look for 1-5 quotes that you can use in your essay for each.
  • Cite your links using MLA Format
  • Create an outline for your essay.
  • Write your first draft.

The first draft of this assignment is due on Monday, 10/29/12


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