Class Agenda #11

Opening Circle- Jab, Cross, Front Kick

Whip around- Something we know, feel or think about Twitter.

Opening Reading- “5 Tips for Choosing The Right Twitter Name”

Mini-Lesson- One thing I like about twitter is that, depending on the person, it can put you in touch with people who you wouldn’t ordinarily be in touch with.


When finished- Reading Work – Case study on Tavi Grevinson 

  • Read the Article
  • React in your Writing Notebook
  • Independently research Tavi.

Optional Reading: Top 10 Ways to Make Yourself Look Smarter

13 students in #TrendingNow Section 1 have 0’s on the first three Problem Sets. 10 students in #TrendingNow Section 2 have 0’s on the first three Problem Sets.

How to solve math problems: for example #4 on Problem Set #3.

Individual Work Time / Announcements

  • If you haven’t submitted the Capacity Matrix for SLT TN1, you really ought to.
  • Delta Math Sequences 1 Results (You earned a 2 on SLT TN2 if you completed 70% or more.)
  • Delta Math Sequences 2 is posted.  Earn a 2 for completing 70%, earn a 3 for 85% or more.
  • Mastery Quiz on SLT TN2 on Friday 10/12 for Section 2, and Monday 10/15 for Section 1.
  • Problem Set #4 is due today.
  • Problem Set #5 handed out.

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