Class Agenda #9

Opening Circle- Who is your favorite celebrity or icon?

Task 1-

15 Minutes of Research- Who are your favorite celebrities? How do they brand themselves?

Task 2- 

10 Minutes- Look through the following links for ideas:

Branding Boccheciamp’s Blog-

Work Time- You have this time to work on your blog’s theme, widgets or content.

Question about Capacity Matrices: “what if I got a 2 on two on the assignments , and 2 twos on the harder assignments would my grade for the slt at least be an overall 2?”

Answer: Yes, your grade is a 2 on that learning target.

Excel Exploration #1

  • Handout & Read Learning Targets
  • Example
  • Work Time
  • If you finish, you may use the time to work on any other assignments, for SLT TN1 or TN2.

Problem Set #4 is due next Tuesday, 10/9/12.



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