Class Agenda #6

Opening Circle- The perfect song for a heart to heart is…

Reactions: Writing Notebook

Independently read the following link. In your writing notebook, write down your reaction.

Blog Post Time

Share, what is our blog about?

You have 30 minutes to independently work on your blog.

  • Could be a post
  • Could be a draft
  • Could be adjusting your theme, about, widgets
  • Could be a combination

If you finish early, consider the following:

Closing Out on SLT TN1: I can use exponents to understand large numbers, small numbers, and non-decimal counting systems.

SLT TN1 Quizzes – See class instructions on how to receive a grade on these quizzes.

Grading Scale

Problem Set #2 is due today.

Hand out Problem Set #3.


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