Class Agenda #5

Circle Up- Stretch the Torso, Reasons for Optimism


  • I can integrate and evaluate multiple sources in order to address a question or solve a problem. (R7)
  • I can properly cite my work using standard MLA citation format.

Task I-

Continuing to gather information: Start by choosing 1 of the following topics and exploring it even further. Gather as much information

  • Who was Robert Indiana? What were some of his other works? Has he influenced other other artists?
  • When was the LOVE Sculpture created? What else was happening in the US and the world during this year?
  • How did the LOVEĀ Sculpture settle in Philadelphia?
  • Where are there other LOVE Sculptures located and why are they there?
  • What type of art does the LOVE Sculpture represent? And what are some other famous Artists and pieces of art from this style?
  • Why did the LOVE Sculpture gain popularity? Who Identified with the sculpture and why?
  • What are some interesting things about LOVE Park in Philadelphia?

Extra time- Brain Pop- Verbs

Closing Circle- Based on your research today, what is one googleable question that you have?


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