Class Agenda #4

  1. Circle Up: 1-Word, Something you might be frustrated about. Dragon’s Breath
  2. Writing Notebook: When you get your Writing Notebook open, look up the phrase “Reverse Chronological Order.” Apply this to your Writing Notebook.
  3. MLA Format from the WWW.
  4. Practice: Review your sources from Class#3. Properly cite each of your sources.
  5. Problem Set #1 Debrief
  6. Check-In on Capacity Matrix for TN1
    1. What have we done so far?
    2. How does it work if work is on a Prezi?
    3. How is this graded?
    4. When should you turn it in?
  7. Scientific Notation Packet: 2 options
    1. Scientific Notation Packet
    2. Exponent Practice
  8. The Binary Number Trick: Magic or Machinery? (Prezi)
    This presentation includes a description of the first “Mastery Assignment” for SLT TN1
  9. Hand out Problem Set #2.

Creative Writing Closing-

Spend 10 Minutes writing your first blog post in your Writing Notebook (Task #1). This should be a quite time for you to think and reflect.  If your blog is not totally based in text, describe what this post will be about.

Closing Circle


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