Week 1 Assignment Checklist

Look at the Class Agenda for each day so far.  Have you completed all writing tasks in your Writer’s Notebook?

Did you read the post, What is a Problem, and leave a comment?

Look at the Capacity Matrix for SLT TN1

  • Have you completed the Delta Math assignment on Scientific Notation and Exponents?
  • Have you completed the BrainPop Quiz on Binary, and sent your results to dunseith@validusprep.org
  • Have you complete the Number Systems Worksheet?

You should now have your own WordPress site.

  • Have you emailed the url of your site to Mr. Boccheciamp and Mr. Dunseith?
  • Have you completed the About page?
  • You should play with the “Appearance” tab of your site, and make it look like you want it.

Make sure you place Problem Set #1 in Mr. Dunseith’s mailbox by Friday at 3:30 pm.  Later work will receive a 0 on all three SLTs.

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