Class Agenda #3

Opening Circle- If we were going to put on 1 pandora station to listen to in class, what should that station be?

Brain Pop:

  • Capitalization
  • There/Their/They’re

MLA Citation for On-Line Articles:


Include as much information as you can, so that someone else may find exactly what you did. Include as many of the following elements as you can.

Author. “Title of Article or Web Page Section.” Title of Project or Database. Available publishing information, including editor, version number, publication date, publisher. Date of access. <complete URL of page you are citing>.

 C (Kaku)
 W Kaku, Michio. “Is Time Travel Possible?” PBS Online. 11 Feb. 1998. PBS.
 15 Feb. 1998.<
 C (Richter)
 W Richter, Richard P. The Postmodern Programme at Sixth Avenue. 30 May
 1999. 21 June 1999. <;


Practice- Properly Cite each of the sources you used during class on 9/12/12 right in your notebook.

New Prompt- Listening to classical music is good for young baby’s development.

For homework-

  • Find 3-4 sources to defend your position on this prompt.
  • Properly Cite Each Source in your Notebook.
  • Write 1-2 Sentences about why you like this source.
  • If your feeling strong, Start an Essay based on your research. Don’t worry if you can’t finish it.

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