Class Agenda #3

Opening Circle: Say Something in Binary Code.

Today’s Writing Tasks
TASK I- Opening Creative Writing Prompt- While you were getting your computers up, we showed you a clip from the show The Flight of The Concords. Spend 15 minutes drafting either a short story or a long response based on your interpretation of the clip.

Task II- Writing- Think about all of your skills, talents, quirks, hobbies, and interests. If you could have a blog about anything you want, without any limitations of time, space, or money, what would your blog be about? Visualize your blog and describe it in at least 1 paragraph. Dream Big.

Task III- Begin researching what makes a popular blog (try a few different google searches). Find 3-4 links that you trust. For each link:

  • Copy and Paste the Link into your Writing Notebook.
  • Write 3-4 sentences about why you think your link is a quality source.

Today’s Mathematics


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