a thing called “Blended Learning”

Class this week has taken on several forms.  For a lot of the class, you have been working independently.  You’ve written in your writer’s notebook, you’ve practiced with the exercises on Delta Math, and you’ve watched a video on BrainPop.

Some educators have started calling this kind of combination of online & offline learning “blended learning”.  Based on your experience this week, what are your thoughts on blended learning?  What are some advantages and disadvantages to this style of class?  Is it a good idea for teachers to use something like BrainPop! in class?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


22 thoughts on “a thing called “Blended Learning”

  1. bryan

    Some advantages were that its something new and better easier to learn because if our brains and bodys are ready and focus from our first class it moves over to the next class and I find it something new and exciting . I think we should continue like this because its very helpful combining class and learning as one

  2. justin

    I think blending learning is a good idea. It helps you learn way more in less time. it also helps you learn information in a new different way.

  3. Jamal Miles

    I for one agree with “blended learning” There’s a good vibe I’m getting out of it. Most classes I’ve had is all computers or just us and our papers. It feels good to have a mixture of both within our classroom. It brings on a new feeling whenever I step into class, I just hope this will continue on.

  4. Perla

    yes, its a great idea of blending classes it gives up a better understanding since english and math are hand by hand its not much to freak out about (:

  5. Mariam Jawara

    In my perspective “blended learning” is actually a good idea..I understand more because we have two teachers in the class for extra help. Also advantages of this class is we get to save and complete our work online instead of it getting lost or being all over the place. So Yea it’s a good idea.

  6. Lillybeth

    I think “blended learning” is a fun and good way to get teens to really want to do their work. Since teenagers LOVE technology, it’s simple, easy, fast and fun. Some advantages like I mentioned above are that it’s fast, and fun. Some disadvantages is that not all students have access to computers at home.

  7. Jordan

    “Blending Learning” in my opinion is a very good way of learning, overall teens prefer using technology to make things more interesting than usual. I feel like more time can be used wisely because typing in a online writing notebook takes less time then writing in a regular notebook, not to mention it makes it less boring. Sooner or later as time goes by Blending learning is going to be a regular way of teaching at this rate that technology is going. I’m all for this new way of learning and teaching.

  8. Grace

    I like being able to learn online, the only thing i do not like is that the computer sometimes messes my answers up so then I really think i’m wrong when i’m not. What I love about it is that I can Google things when the teacher is not availabe and get my question answered.

  9. josegomez7

    i think that this i nice way to teach the class. it is a great idea to blend classes, it would keep the students more on track of their work and keep them more organized.

  10. Karyatou Diallo

    I think that blended learning is a good thing because it works out well and we learn more from using the internet. The writing notebook on google doc is better to me as well because I like typing better than actually writing. And yes, I think is good for teachers to use Brainpop because it has videos that teaches you.

  11. brenda

    I think that blending classes is a good idea because in this class trending now having all those different ways to practice and having ela ass well is helping me and is keeping more interested which is good, To me it isn’t much of a disadvantage more of an advantage.

  12. henrybatiz

    I think is a good idea from my point of view because is easier to learn. Almost everything about blended learning is good the only bad thing is that some people get confuse like i do. Brainpop is awesome i like it because i learn better i a visual learner so is great for me.

  13. terrenceeggleston

    This is a great idea for teachers to use brain pop and different blended learning ideas in class because it gives students a better feeling on how to do certain exercises and problems. its a advantage for students because it helps them get a better understanding on a lot of things.

  14. Kavoun Blue

    Yes I feel that Blending Learning is a good idea. I also feel that using Brain Pop is a great idea because I am well acquainted with this website since I used it in middle school and learned most of what I know in Science from this site.

  15. John Safle

    I think the idea behind blended learning. Is to help students better identify and handle certain situations outside of school walls. Blended learning also allows for students to better articulate their work. By introducing them to different mediums and use of different mediums.

  16. kassandra

    I think mixing different things is a good idea , it gives a certain spice to the class , by doing things in class we havent done before. For example we no longer need to carry around a notebook because we can now just do our Task online with the laters that are already provided. We can do math problems and see where we messed up at and try to get right the next time. It helps people learn in a whole new way , even the video on brain pop because some people are more visual learners

  17. Christian Persaud

    I am a firm believer of this kind of teaching. This should be the future of Validus. It is a whole new breed of teaching that can help students who aren’t good at Math because it is being taught together with English. You also kill two birds with a stone since you can get twice the amount of credits.

  18. Fatumata Jawara

    I think blended learning is a good idea because you learning two things at the same time and it also kind of speed the learning of new topics. The disadvantage is the lesson goes by little quick. Also the class time is kind of long but once you focus on what you do the time goes as a snap of a finger. The advantage is that you getting 2 credits for each subject.


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